This Country's stars Daisy May and Charlie Cooper will be part of a team taking on Swindon FC Legends in a charity football match at the County Ground this weekend.

But Daisy May, known as Kerry Mucklowe in the cult BBC show, will be managing rather than playing on Sunday after she "smashed her leg to smithereens".

The actress even teased she may crowd surf if enough people turn up.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: "Who's coming to see me this Sunday then? 

"I shall be managing this bunch of c***wombles. I'd play in the match, only I smashed my leg to smithereens and it looks like a breadstick in a blender." 

Daisy May and Charlie, who plays Kerry's cousin Kurtan Mucklowe, are part of an all-star line-up for this Sunday's event and will be joined by famous faces such as King Gary's Tom Davis, footballer Jermaine Pennant and influencer Scott McGlynn.

The match is in aid of the National Children's Football Alliance which Paul Cooper is co-founder and director of.

Daisy and Charlie's real-life dad Paul, who plays Kerry's dad, and his brother Trevor Cooper, better known as the Mucklowe's nemesis Len in This Country, will also be competing on Sunday.

Swindon Advertiser:

Former Town players Michael Doughty and Medhi Kerrouche will be among those making up the Swindon Town Legends side.

The club's CEO Rob Angus and owner Clem Morfuni will also join the team.

Mr Morfuni said: “Like every young child I was a football fanatic, I would kick a can of Fosters around the beach just to play football.

"Supporting the NCFA is a no-brainer.”

A leaflet for the event says: "The Mucklowes have long been Swindon Town fans ever since Kerry did a day's work at The County Ground selling burgers and Kurtan had a trial for Swindon youth team but unfortunately failed to turn up because he missed the bus."

In the BBC show, Kerry is often seen wearing the team shirt and Town are frequently mentioned.

At one point, Kurtan says: “At Swindon Town FC, everyone comes together and forgets their utter hatred of each other.”

The Children's Football Allowance brings children from disadvantaged backgrounds from all over the world together on 'peace' pitches; many of the children often come from war-torn countries or communities of concern.

The money raised will go towards activity camps for 14-16 years olds worldwide to promote peace and inclusivity.

The County Ground is the first football peace pitch in the UK.

Kick-off is at 4.30pm on Sunday. Tickets are available on the club's website.