Thanks for amazing memories of season

An Open Letter to the playing staff of Swindon Town: First, commiserations on the play-off loss but big congratulations on an amazing season that has surpassed all expectations, you are all a credit to this football club.

Things will be raw now but do not underestimate what this team has achieved this season against all the odds.

Last July, potentially out of business, no Manager, seven playing staff and favourites for relegation.

Clem, Rob, Ben, the staff, and you the players have galvanised this great football club.

I have been a supporter for 50 years and the positivity and the buzz around the club has not been like this for a while.

Being a Swindon supporter is like being on a rollercoaster and there is never a dull moment, just look at the past three years!

Most of you could play at a higher level but why not do it at Swindon where you are loved, and the camaraderie of the players is clear to see on and off the pitch.

I genuinely believe if we can retain a lot of the players, we could be at the start of something big.

I know football careers are short and you must make the right decisions for you and your family, where you live and financially.

But so many players have left Swindon and their careers have faltered or things have not worked out.

Please take the above in to account when making decisions about your future, you are loved here and could be part of a truly magical story.

Wycombe are a great example of what can be achieved with that belief and team spirit, and they are a much smaller club than Swindon.

Bournemouth had to get donations from the fans to stay afloat a few years ago and look at them now, the seemingly impossible is achievable.

Thank you for the most amazing memories and I shall be purchasing my first ever season ticket for 22/23 and I pray and hope that I will see all or at least most of you in the red and white of Swindon Town next season.

Chris Mabbatt

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