An Ermin Street resident who shared her concerns over the dangerous road she lives on before a double fatal took place was told to start a petition if she wanted something to be done about it. 

Rebecca O'Neill went to a Highways and Planning meeting where the problematic road was discussed but found herself "disappointed" with the response from councillors at the time. 

The 46-year-old said that the problem of speeding on Ermin Street had been ongoing for as long as she had lived there, but had been brought to the forefront because of a recent "horrific fatal accident."

On Sunday, March 27 two men in their 30s were killed after a motorbike crash on the stretch of Stratton road.

It happened directly outside Rebecca's home spurring her to send her concerns to the parish council. 

She wrote: "People use this road as a race track at all times of the day. I know the road is 30mph but the majority are not abiding by this rule. Surely more than a sign is in order?"

"I know that a lot of residents on this street and Grange Drive are concerned and want something done about it as we’ve all had enough.

"I suggested a few things that could be done - they could maybe put the speed limit to 20mph, bring the speed bumps back that were taken away or introduce other road calming measures like at South Marston.

"But I was told the best thing to do is to get a petition together which I felt passed the buck."

Swindon Advertiser:

Minutes released after the meeting said: "Couns Ibitoye and Crilly explained that the borough council is presently looking into this and that if residents petition the Borough Council this will support their cause.

The parish council added it would "approach the Borough Council to further consider the 20mph speed limit, particularly from the bridge by Greenbridge to the Crown pub, and for this to include Grange Drive."

Councillor David Oladapo told The Adver: "We are working with the policing team, council officers and fellow residents to improve safety between Hyde Road-Ermin Street.

"Furthermore, we carry out regular checks on our existing measures and are replacing our old traffic lights on Beechcroft Road, maintenance of the radar speed check signs on Kingsdown and Hyde Road.

"As we endeavour to prioritise safety on our streets, we will consult the residents for future steps to ensure our roads remain safe for all road users."