The rehoming charity Bath Cats and Dogs Home welcomes all sorts of cases from Wiltshire, and the charity shared that they all have very different personalities.

The charity says a huge demand for their services means they are always on the lookout for more people who are keen to rehome them.

Could you be the right person to get matched with these four-legged friends?

Here are a few of the cats that have been rescued from Wiltshire recently:


Swindon Advertiser: Tiny at Bath Cats and Dogs home is looking for a new homeTiny at Bath Cats and Dogs home is looking for a new home

A spokesperson for the home said: “Tiny is a lovely sweet-natured girl, who enjoys love and fuss once she gets to know you. She can be timid to begin with and needs time and patience to trust.

“She will benefit from having a quiet area to settle into the home as she likes to hide away until she gets to know you and gives her time to come out of her shell.

"She previously lived indoors only, so will need to be rehomed to a quiet location to provide her with a safe outdoor space should she want it.

“Once you get to know Tiny, she is a loving lady and likes to say hello and enjoys a good chin rub. She prefers people to be around during feed times and is a social eater so will enjoy company around feed times in her new home."


Swindon Advertiser: Daizi at Bath Cats and Dogs Home is looking for a new homeDaizi at Bath Cats and Dogs Home is looking for a new home

“Daizi is a very sweet and loving girl who would like a home willing to give her all the fuss and attention she could want.

"She’s slowing down now as she reaches her senior years and would rather snuggle up with you than run around and play.

“Daizi has a heart condition that requires her to take medication, so her new family will need to be ready to help her with this.

“You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and devoted companion.

“Due to her age, Daizi should be the only pet in the home, although her confident and friendly nature means she can live with older children.”

The pandemic has also prompted a big increase in pet ownership and the charity is seeing an increase in pets being given up to the Home that are under two years old or older animals which have been owned for less than two years.

As a result, raising funds to care for rescue animals brought into the Home from Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire is particularly important for the charity during this year’s Appeal.