Councillor lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Would someone provide Councillor Dale Heenan with a pair of glasses? (After reading a piece in the Swindon Advertiser on May 23 about there being only 19 potholes in Swindon)

I counted nearly 19 potholes on one road in Rodbourne alone. The rest of the roads are no better.

He lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land if he believes that Swindon Conservatives' pledge to repair 100 per cent of potholes within 10 days has been met.

Mrs L Townsend

Redcliffe Street


Double standards over traveller mess

If I hitched up a caravan, drove to a park or Rec, broke down a fence or gate to gain access,then

threw all my rubbish all over the place and used the area as a toilet,

the police would come and arrest me and I would be fined or sent to prison.

So why is it that gypsies can do whatever they like and never get prosecuted?

Gary Darling

West Swindon

International scheme started in the UK

Recognising and celebrating the power of partnership is important. At the international disaster relief charity, ShelterBox, partnership enables us to do more and make a bigger difference to the people we support with emergency shelter aid.

Our partnership with Rotary International has been renewed for another three years, which is significant as we continue to help people whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed by conflict or disaster.

This special humanitarian alliance means ShelterBox can support more people, in more places, in more ways. It gives us the flexibility and scale to respond in fast changing emergencies like in Ukraine, and after Typhoon Rai made landfall in the Philippines in December.

Rotary members in the UK, and across the world, help ShelterBox in so many ways – navigating import challenges that delay our lifesaving aid, providing us with warehousing space for our shelter kits, and making the community contacts needed to reach disaster-affected families in remote areas.

It’s incredible to think that the Millennium project of one Cornish Rotary Club, which is how ShelterBox started, led to an extraordinary international movement that has provided emergency shelter to millions of people around the world.

Becoming Rotary’s official project partner in disaster relief in 2012 helped transform ShelterBox into an internationally recognised disaster relief charity, and we continue to work together to reach those most in need of emergency shelter around the world.

Alex Youlten

Rotary Partnership Manager


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