AN ACTOR and illustrator from Swindon will be joining famous faces from Doctor Who, James Bond and Star Wars at this weekend's Comic Con.

Nathan Pegler has popped up in Poldark, No Time To Die, and Casualty as a featured extra with the occasional line of dialogue.

He played a policeman in the new series of Stephen Merchant's BBC One comedy Outlaws and in ITV drama DI Ray, and has spent the last four months filming George Clooney's new film The Boys In The Boat in London and Wiltshire.

The 49-year-old is looking forward to being part of the Stars of Time convention at the Steam Museum alongside Fifth Doctor Pete Davison and co-star Janet Fielding, Bond girls Valerie Leon and Madeline Smith, and Star Wars actors Paul Blake and Tim Rose.

Nathan said: "I'm very pleased to be a guest, it's like coming home.

"I've been a trader with Stars of Time for my artwork for many years, then they approached me to join the new Swindon event.

"People are thrilled to meet us lowly folk who have a bit of screen time and a few lines because it's exciting to chat to someone who's been involved in these big productions.

"I'm a big Doctor Who fan - I've met Peter once before and I'm looking forward to seeing Janet.

"To be on a table with the other actors is a nice bonus and very humbling. After No Time To Die I got to be part of a lineup with Bond girls and baddies at a con in Coventry, which was amazing."

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A-list megastar George Clooney has been filming his latest film since March, with some scenes set up in the Ashton Keynes area.

Nathan was tight-lipped about what role he plays, but added: "I've been there since the start and have had the chance to chat to George a few times.

"He's a very nice guy, very down to Earth, he's a great director and films scenes very fast, which I like."

Along with the array of screen stars, the Swindon Comic Con will have photo opportunities with Toothless the dragon, Zuul the Gatekeeper from Ghostbusters, and Falkor the luck dragon from The Neverending Story, and Jurassic World and Doctor Who zones. It is being held at STEAM on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be unique movie-inspired bike collection created by local model and prop-making company Podpad Studios Ltd, virtual reality games, a cosplay competition, and an auction.

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