THREE delayed roadworks projects in Swindon are finally coming to an end.

Projects at Gablecross, Nythe junction and the Piccadilly Roundabout are overrunning and continue to cause headaches for motorists and neighbours alike.

But temporary traffic lights and lane closures could be a thing of the past soon.

Writing on the St Margaret & South Marston Facebook page Councillor Russell Holland said: “Gablecross – works will be completed by July 1.

“There is however still the issue of the Thames Water connection to the tree irrigation system in the west-central reservation.

“The timescales for this are still very much unknown and until this has been completed the team will need to continue to install TM lane closures twice a week to enable landscape contractors to water the trees.

“Piccadilly will be completed by the first week of July. The streetlights were installed this week and now awaiting sub-contractor to complete the surfacing on the footpaths. The compound demobilisation will continue next week.

“Nythe – Next week street lighting will be installed and the team are reliant on lighting sub-contractor to complete this next week, surfacing of footpaths can then be undertaken. Traffic signals will be switched on next Wednesday and traffic management will be removed on that day. Nythe will be completed first week in July.”

Swindon Borough Council has confirmed that the roadworks are close to being completed.

But the local authority says the roadworks on the Piccadilly roundabout cannot be finished until street lighting has been installed on the footpaths.

Councillor Gary Sumner, the cabinet member for strategic infrastructure, transport and planning, said: “While motorists would have seen that most of the work at Piccadilly roundabout, Nythe junction and Gablecross has now completed, there are a few final finishing touches that need to be completed.

“For example, at Gablecross, there are still around two temporary lane closures needed per week because we are waiting on a utility company to install irrigation to the central islands.

“These trees in the central islands don’t get much access to water from the ground, and so they have to be manually watered, otherwise they will die.

“At Piccadilly roundabout, the contractor must wait for the street light provider to install their lights before the footpaths can be finished. We are hoping that the rest of the work will be wrapped up early next month.”