Much-needed repair work on the road surface of Priors Hill isn't due to take place until next spring because of the size of the damaged areas.

The Wroughton through-route was closed for a lengthy period to allow construction work to take place, but it has been left in a poor, potholed state.

Ward councillors for Wroughton Cathy Martyn, David Martyn and Brian Ford have now shared an update to let residents know that the scale of the work needed means specialist equipment is needed. 

The materials to patch up the road are required to be laid by a machine via an external contractor, which has delayed proceedings. 

The council has apologised and says no exact timeframe has been given at this stage - but it hopes to further update locals with a more precise date when the planning stages have started. 

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A statement posted onto a Wroughton Facebook community page from Coun Cathy Martyn said: "We have been in contact with Swindon Borough Council Officers to discuss the state of the road surface on Priors Hill. Officers want to patch the road to make improvements. However, due to the size of the areas, the materials are required to be laid by a machine via an external contractor.

"The operations manager is approaching SBC's asset team with a view of including this within their programmed work for the spring of next year. They have apologised that they are unable to give an exact timeframe at the moment but once the planning stages begin we will have a more precise date."

In the meantime is said that Swindon Borough Council will continue to monitor the road and repair large potholes that are reported. 

Assurances that residents will be notified in good time prior to the work going ahead as well as considerations being made regarding the suitability of the road for HGVs have also been asked for.

Coun Martyn added: "The council still has to carry out a site visit to check another section of road recently reported as needing attention.

"It will then need to get quotes for the work to be carried out, at which point we should have a plan which we can then share with you. We will post updates as and when we receive them."