The people of Swindon put their tastebuds to the test at STEAM.

The International Food Fair - last held before the pandemic - featured food stalls from several countries around the world, with many from the Middle East, Asia and North Eastern Africa.

With foods such as samosas, curries, baklava and falafel, visitors were spoilt for choice.

One family had taken advantage of the fair and ordered five different meals from different countries to try as much as possible.

"I think the stuffed vine leaves were my favourite," mum Kate said.

"But I know the kids loved the baklavas."

Dad Peter said that the chicken curry was "by far" the best he'd had.

Proceeds from the event will be split between Brighter Futures' dementia appeal, the One Nation charity's international water projects, and an orphanage.

The dementia appeal has an initial target of raising £33,000 to take steps towards improving Great Western Hospital's environment for people living with dementia.