Swindon filmmakers are working with a famous Disney voice actor and rapper on a new short film.

Team Wet Toe Productions are proud to present its second short movie.

Guiltea is a short comedy horror about a sentient teapot who goes on a mission to find its perfect owner. However, not every owner he gets meets the requirements.

The film features cameos from previous collaborators such as Paul Cooper, Professor Elemental and Tromas Lloyd Kaufman, who plays his strangest cameo to date

Talking about the upcoming release of Guiltea, Professor Elemental said: "Terrence is the character that I have been waiting to play. A truly horrible creation with no redeeming features beyond his delusions and penchant for outlandish murders - who wouldn't want to be the world's most despicable teapot?

"As soon as Oliver got in touch about the movie, I wanted to get involved. I think my exact words were ”you had me at killer teapot”

"As a lifelong fan of horror fiction in its many forms, it's been an honour to finally make my debut in the world of the macabre. I just hope that Terrence doesn't get out of control. No one wants a scalding!"

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Oliver Rogers, Director of Guiltea, also commented: "After the success of Toast, Bobbie and I knew we wanted to do another short film that would be a worthy follow up

"We had made a good friendship with Professor Elemental, working together on Toast, where he composed the theme song, and I wanted to write a role for him worthy of his talents. From there, Guiltea was born!

"Horror comedy is a genre I'd never tackled before as a filmmaker but one I was keen to try!"

Wet Toe Productions are also proud to cast local actors and utilize local talent. 

Guiltea casts Swindon indie-film star, Ashley Robinson, who has starred in projects such as the feature film Follow the Crows in 2018, Zoe Brown, from Royal Wootton Bassett, a long-time collaborator and make-up artist, has also been involved in the production of Guiltea. 

Oliver and Bobbie are working on submitting Guiltea into as many film festivals as they can, even aiming to enter Film Royalty Kevin Smith’s new film festival Smodcastle! 

The film will then be premiered on YouTube on Saturday 3rd September 2022. 

Make sure to check out Wet Toe Productions' website and follow their Instagram/Twitter to stay up to date on the film’s release and future castings – you could be in their next film!