I have always been in favour of equality but I assumed it would be making things better for all, not spreading the rubbish parts.

For years now we have seen in the news about how social media, and Instagram in particular, has put pressure on young women to look a certain way.

It is a bad idea to compare yourself to pictures of people who have selected only the best snaps and applied a filter.

I thought the solution would be for us all to realise that you don’t have to look a certain way to have worth but instead the opposite has happened.

Swindon Advertiser:

A new survey says a third of young men are trying to change their appearance to conform to social media's picture-perfect culture.

Did the men see how much young women were struggling with self-esteem and think, “I want some of that.”

One cosmetic surgeon says some men are resorting to steroids to change how they look.

We shouldn’t be pumping our bodies full of chemicals to change ourselves.

Well, maybe lager, but the change is only temporary. Using steroids can cause breast growth. I can’t help thinking that isn’t the look these young men want.

Sure, they won’t have to leave the house to have a good time. This shrinks the gap even further between men and women; now we both worry about our cup size.

As a result of steroid use, the plastic surgeon who was interviewed said he is performing hundreds of breast reductions on men every year.

Why are we letting pictures on our phones do this to us?

I was thinking of creating an app that makes all of the things you see on your phone look stretched sideways. That way all of the people on your Instagram would look about three stone heavier.

If anyone knows how to make that app get in touch and we can share the profits.

Life has enough challenges without giving yourself the pressure to look as good as models on your social media.

It’s a mission that will never end. There will always be someone fitter, thinner, more muscly, taller or whatever it is you feel bad about.

That’s why I feel I should launch a campaign.

On my social media you will see pictures of someone who has a real body. By that I mean someone who is carrying some extra weight, has a bald head and sometimes when he forgets to sort it out, a bit of a mono-brow.

Those pictures were there before I read this but back then they were just me being a bit fat. Not that I have an excuse.