Care home rejection is shame of Liden

The residents of Liden must be clapping each other on the back and toasting their 'victory' in getting Whitehorse Care Trust to withdraw for buying the house in Okebourne Park - but what a hollow victory that is!

What have they actually achieved?

They have prevented five innocent, vulnerable adults with learning difficulties from living quietly in an eminently suitable house, like any other family in the area, causing no more problems than any other household might.

Since it was only for five people, no major alterations to the house would have been necessary so it could easily have reverted to a private dwelling.

So why all the fuss? Personally, I would be delighted to live next door to such a home.

This kind of nimbyism begs the larger question: where would these objectors consider as suitable for such vulnerable people to live?

On an industrial estate? Really? Do they think such people should be shut away, out of sight, where abuse such as happened at Winterbourne View could so easily happen?

Has it never occurred to any of the ninety objectors that, but for an accident of birth, it could have been them or one of their loved ones in need of a caring home in the community?

Shame on you, Liden!

Madeleine Harvey

Waite Meads Close


Time to put social services in the dock

Not for the first time I read about a young child being tortured and murdered by his parents or step parents .

My point ? These innocent little children were under the care of the social care system and the judiciary.

The false mantra I detest is, lessons have been learned.

It enrages me how many times I have read that PC rubbish.

After the guilty parties are jailed. Let us get the social service culprits in the dock and jail them as well, and seriously question the judicial decision on the facts before them.

Unless we do, this shame on humanity will continue to break all our hearts.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


Praise for NHS staff

We had cause to call 111 a few days ago and wait for an Ambulance to arrive.

The first thing they did was apologise to me for the wait, and my answer was “It was not your fault.”

They were professional, good humoured and I felt relief my Husband was in good hands. They then drove him blue lights flashing to RUH.

While he was in there I realised how difficult it is for Nurses and Doctors as the ward he should have gone on was closed for covid.

He received excellent care and now is home making a good recovery.

We all need to keep supporting the NHS they do a wonderful job.

Christine Morgan


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