Car enthusiasts who travelled to Swindon for a car meet found the police ready and waiting to check their vehicles.

Two arrests were made and six penalty charge notices were handed out for miscellaneous traffic offences, as well as one prohibition for illegal and unsafe tyres.

One would be drifter was caught with tyres that were so badly worn the ply was exposed.

A motorcyclist was arrested on suspicion of drug driving and another person was detained for a Section 4 Public Order and assault with intent to resist arrest.

Despite these incidents, Swindon Police said that the majority of car enthusiasts responded positively to police engagement and acted within the law.

Swindon Police issued a warning to residents on Facebook in the early evening on Saturday that a car meet was coming but said adequate resources had been put aside to deal with it. 

"Members of the public can expect to see a significant police presence on the roads in the Swindon area," it said. 

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The locations of the meet - South Marston industrial estate, the Dorcan retail park, the Hawksworth industrial estate and Blagrove - were only revealed at 6pm on Saturday night, just before it was due to happen.

Police carried out Operation Staysail in conjunction with land owners and local authorities.

Supt Phil Staynings said: “I’m pleased to say that the vast majority of those taking part in the event engaged positively with our officers and dispersed when asked to do so. As a result, the impact on our community in the Swindon area was relatively limited.

“We will continue to monitor future such car meets and engage with those taking part to ensure public safety and minimise the impact to the wider community.

In a series of Tweets, Wiltshire Police Specialist Ops' Twitter page posted about some of the traffic stops it carried out.They included a driver whose car had illegal tints.

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Swindon Advertiser:

Supt Stayings added: “Whilst most of those taking part are law-abiding enthusiasts, we are aware that car meets do occasionally attract elements who engage in illegal anti-social behaviour.

“We would like to assure the public that will not hesitate to take robust action against anyone breaking the law."