NEARLY 1,000 pupils and staff from two Swindon primary schools joined forces to sing an uplifting song while signing the lyrics for the deaf.

Red Oaks Primary School and Orchid Vale Primary School staged the performance of 'Power in Me' by Rebecca Lawrence.

Rachel Surch, the primary executive Pprincipal of the Park Academies Trust, said: "We organised this event because we wanted to do something special and felt that the song we’ve chosen is particularly uplifting. Power in Me is symbolic of the resilience that the children and staff have had to demonstrate over the last couple of years.

"Children in education have suffered greatly and a lot of the fun had disappeared from education during covid and the lockdowns, so we’re here today to get some of that fun back."

Swindon Advertiser: 900 pupils and staff members signed the song together900 pupils and staff members signed the song together

The children practised their skills with a quick rehearsal before their final performance was recorded. 

Red Oaks' deaf provision manager Hannah Egerton said: "It’s been brilliant to see both schools come together, all signing and singing with happy faces, being inclusive to all children."

Scott, one of Red Oaks' deaf Year 5 students, joined Hannah to demonstrate the British Sign Language actions. 

The Red Oaks team said the fun musical event has also provided a great opportunity for the staff and students to celebrate the school's impressive SATs results, which are above the national average across all areas.