A Pokémon card shop in Royal Wootton Bassett has been forced to close its doors for goods after a series of problems. 

Celine and Owen Watts, the owners of Watts Cards, had to temporarily shut at the end of June after Celine was rushed to hospital for a medical emergency. 

But while the pair were in the hospital they missed delivery of pre-ordered stock for the new Pokémon GO! expansion of the Pokémon trading card game which then went missing, forcing them to issue refunds. 

This knock-on effect ended up forcing them to end the business closing both the website and the store, which had its final day of trading on July 16.

The High Street store had only opened a year before with Celine and Owen, both collectors themselves, hoping to make something of their passion.

"It wasn't a pleasant decision," Celine said.

"We have been thinking about going back to selling from home for a while because of the overheads, but because of the losses we've had to take over the Pokémon GO! expansion we just don't have a choice anymore.

"We're slowly refunding Pokémon GO orders which has left us unable to keep our shop open any longer."