Swindon made national news headlines after the town was listed as a potential host of Eurovision on the competition's official website.

The suggestion that the town could host the international contest has been described as "hilarious" and people have questioned whether there would even be a suitable venue. The criteria includes a venue able to accommodate at least 10,000 spectators.

Swindon Borough Council has ruled the town out of the bidding competition and this decision was discussed by BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills and BBC Radio 2's Zoe Ball on their breakfast shows this morning.

Ball broke the news to listeners this morning and suggested Swindon venues that could potentially have hosted Eurovision.

She said: "I love Swindon. They could have had it at the Wyvern! I love that place. 

"Or at Oasis the swimming place - is that still open? Could have had it there."

When the presenter was informed the Oasis had in fact shut, she was "devastated".

"I spent many a childhood afternoon swimming there. I also went to a Scissor Sisters gig there.

"It was one of the first wave pools in the country! Love that place - my grandad used to us there all the time. No, this is tragic!"

TV critic Scott Bryan tweeted: "I'm sorry I'm finding Swindon declining to host Eurovision absolutely hilarious. Give them Eurovision immediately."

"I'm sorry but who gave Swindon the confidence to think it could host Eurovision?" one person tweeted.

Andrew Little commented: "Whose silly suggestion was this? How can they express an interest when we haven't even got a venue to host it. Anything for a bit of publicity."

"We knew Swindon would never be on a list to hold a Eurovision, but hearing Scott Mills on BBC Breakfast reading a list of possible hosts and mentioning Swindon pulled out already," another added.

One Twitter user joked: "Swindon not bidding to host Eurovision! In other news, I'm not bidding to start up front for England in Qatar, nor am I bidding for a date with the newly-married Jennifer Lopez, or bidding for the Democratic nomination for President in 2024."

Mock-considering potential 'venues', people have suggested the Outlet car park, the Meca, Cavendish Square and the Walcot Dome Community Centre.

The UK is hosting 2023's Eurovision Contest on behalf of Ukraine because of the ongoing war with Russia. 

The UK has hosted the contest eight times already. London, Sheffield and Manchester have already confirmed they will put in an official bid.

In a statement, SBC said: "We won’t be bidding to be the host of Eurovision.

“We’re flattered to have our name linked with such an amazing event and we look forward to watching next year. We can't wait to enjoy the party!"