Former world heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno delighted hundreds of fans with a visit to Swindon. 

When asked if he would ever make a return to the ring, the retired boxing legend joked: "If the money was right, you never know!"

He also shared his thoughts about which fights he was looking forward to and Tyson Fury's retirement announcement.

Bruno took time to chat and joke with everyone individually and posed for photos at the Carpet Monster event on Barnfield Road.

He was there to promote his new sporting memoir Frank Bruno: 60 Years A Fighter in which he opens up about his journey to become a world champion and his fight with mental health.

The 60-year-old said: "It's about my whole life but mainly talking about mental health.

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"It just needed to be done and it's the right time to do this because a lot of people are suffering mentally right now.

"People can see their mental health is staring them in the face but they don't like to go out and seek help; they suffer in silence.

"Now they can borrow some bits from the book which will help them."

Bruno has been candid about his mental health battles over the years and set up The Frank Bruno Foundation which offers wellbeing programmes and non-contact boxing sessions for anyone above the age of 10.

"Non-contact boxing is very good because you're not going to batter anybody. You get in the groove and go through the motions, hit the bag and do some ground exercises. 

"The main thing is going in the gym and getting a bit of fitness going. 

"Some ladies who visited today say they go boxing in the park and find it is very good for the mind."

Friend Tyson Fury announced his retirement from professional boxing in April after knocking out Dillian Whyte.

But Bruno isn't so sure this is the end for Tthe Gypsy King - who has since teased he will return to the ring.

He said: "Tyson's a good boy. I don’t think he’s retiring. He said he’s retiring because he wants more money and when he gets the money, he's got the belt in his hands, he's got everything to rely on."

The champion says he is looking forward to seeing Anthony Joshua take on Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia.

And he also talked about the rise of YouTube stars such as Logan Paul in the boxing world.

 "I don’t quite understand it," he said. "The guy was supposed to fight Floyd Mayweather then retire but he’s getting very excited now.

"Mayweather has taken it very easy with him but if he catches the right opponent, they could do him some damage."

Bruno enjoyed his Swindon visit and will be back again later this month.

"I loved today. It's nice being here and everyone is down-to-earth. It's great to have a laugh with good people round here in Swindon," he said.