If you want to see the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition really engaged and interested, writes an only slightly embittered political reporter, kick a football for a living.

Just as my conversation with Sir Keir Starmer was coming to an end, an aide came over and said Swindon Town’s head coach Scott Lindsey had spotted him and would like to say hello, entirely off the cuff.

Sir Keir was very keen to say hello.

He was even keener when Mr Lindsey invited home to The Robins’ game last night against Leyton Orient “Oh, The O’s. Can we squeeze it in?”

When an aide said no, the MP for Holborn & St Pancras and Arsenal fan immediately started trying to work out when the Reds are next at the County ground and whether he could get along.

Mr Lindsey said he and his management team had been having breakfast after training when one of them assistant coach Jamie Day had spotted Mr Starmer.

The MP immediately invited the rest of the coaching team to join in the chat and got into a detailed discussion with Adam, a fellow Gunner, about Arsenal’s midfield.

He could have carried on talking all day.

And politically there could be also good news for the Labour leader.

Jamie Day, the coach who spotted Mr Starmer said he wasn’t huge on politics but recognised him from recent appearances on the news and TV.

Which suggests Sir Keir’s message may be getting across after all.