Dog owners have been warned that blue-green algae may be present in the water at Lydiard Park. 

Rangers at the estate have been seen putting up signs informing people that the potentially deadly algae had been discovered in the lakes. 

Cyanobacteria, are a group of bacteria that can contain dangerous toxins which can be harmful and potentially fatal to pets, livestock and birds if ingested even in small quantities.

Symptoms of exposure in dogs can include vomiting, diarrhoea, drooling, disorientation, trouble breathing, seizures and blood in faeces.

They can appear within a few minutes or hours of exposure, depending on the type of toxin ingested, and can cause liver damage and ultimately be rapidly fatal if left untreated.

A member of the public posted on Facebook: "Just to let people know the rangers were putting signs up this morning advising they'd found blue-green algae in the lakes. 

"Dogs should not swim in the water as it could make them very poorly.

"Ranger I spoke to said it's the first time he's seen it at Lydiard and it is due to a mixture of the recent high temperatures and lack of flowing water."

Swindon Advertiser: Blue-green algae in Loch Leven in ScotlandBlue-green algae in Loch Leven in Scotland

Swindon Borough Council says it has contacted the Environment Agency which will investigate and urged people to keep close attention to their dogs near the lake.