A WINDOW in a Lyneham church is keeping alive the memory of ten servicemen who died three years ago in Iraq.

An inquest into the deaths of the servicemen - eight of whom were from RAF Lyneham - will begin on March 31.

The inquiry will mark the beginning of the end of a three-year wait for grieving families and friends who want answers after the tragedy over Baghdad in January 2005.

But more recently the memory of the brave servicemen has been kept alive in St Michael and All Angels in Lyneham in the form of a stained glass window created in their memory.

Andy Humm, former RAF ground engineer with 47 Squadron , said: "People will never forget the tragedy.

"These servicemen paid the ultimate price and it is certainly something that will stay with the people of Lyneham.

"The stained glass window is the most fitting tribute because not only will it be in our church as part of our history, but it is where many of 47 Squadron come for prayer."

The memorial, which depicts 47 Squadron's emblem and signature aircraft the Hercules, is featured in the north aisle of the church.

Flight Lieutenant David Stead, 35; Flight Lieutenant Andrew Smith, 25, Flight Lieutenant Paul Pardoel, 35, Chief Technician Richard Brown, 40, Sergeant Robert O'Connor, 38, and Corporal David Williams, 37 all served as part of the Squadron and aircraft XV179 is immortalised in the leaded glass panes.

Two of the dead came from Swindon - Master Engineer Gary Nicholson, 42, of Stratton, and Flight Sergeant Mark Gibson, 34, of Sparcells.

The ninth RAF man on board, Sqadron Leader Patrick Marshall, 39, was from Strike Command Headquarters, at RAF High Wycombe.

And Acting Lieutenantt Corporal Steven Jones, 25, was a soldier serving with the Army.