JAMIE Cox admits his impending court case has been like a dark cloud hanging over his head but reveals his boxing has acted as the perfect release.

The Swindon southpaw is due in Swindon Crown Court on April 8 on a charge of assault where he hopes to finally put the entire episode firmly in the past.

Cox, pictured, is determined to clear his name after being accused of hitting a man in a Swindon nightclub last year but admits when he is in the ring all life's stresses are forgotten.

He said: "It has been a long journey for me. It has been another episode in my life and one that I want to forget and put to the past.

"It happened nearly a year ago now and it has been dragged out too much. It will come to a close though on April 8 and that will be a real breath of fresh air. I can look to the future again.

"It has just been something hanging over my mind. I am constantly at training though and when I am in the gym or in the ring I forget about everything. I am fully focused on boxing and it is a great release."

His first year as a professional has also seen him endure a rollercoaster 12 months personally but he insists, when he is in the gym or in the ring, nothing else matters.

Cox fights journeyman David Kehoe in his fifth professional bout on Saturday night in Cardiff where he again hopes to forget his own personal dramas to continue his career development.

He said: "All that matters is doing the business in the ring. There is nothing else I think about when I am boxing. It is another world for me and a great outlet for me.

"It takes away all the pressures. When you finish training you start thinking about everything again though.

"I am lucky in a way because not many people have that outlet. I am grateful that I can go the gym and get away from that real world that so many people can't get away from."

While Cox is already dreaming of titles and such like, many of the sports' characters are advising the former Walcot man to stay focused on the present.

He insists he welcomes all advice from all walks of life but has again re-iterated his desire to make some big steps up the boxing ladder this year.

He said: "I love listening to all different boxers and people from all different walks of life. Because they have experience that I don't and anything they tell me I will listen to and learn from.

"I take a bit from everyone. I like to listen to people's stories. A lot of people are telling me to be patient and they are most probably right. It does get you frustrated at times but you can't walk before you can crawl and deep down I know that."

  • COX fans can meet the boxer on Sunday at the Royl Oak Pub between 5pm-7pm where he will also be available to sign autographs.