A SWINDON business came up with a clever new way to control Blackpool's legendary lights show.

For the next four months, one million lamps on the six-mile trail will be automatically switched on and off each night using tech devised by Decent Group.

Blackpool Council approached the Kembrey Park colleagues because it wanted to improve the system used to control the stock and timings for the impressive illuminations.

The business software specialists designed a system which allowed the team at the illuminations workshop Lightworks to schedule the daily switch-on and safely install each of the eight sections on Blackpool Promenade which are connected by 100 miles of cabling.

Swindon Advertiser: Decent GroupDecent Group (Image: Decent Group)

Decent's new stock management system helps keep track of each lamp that needs replacing as well as the location and information for each piece of equipment which supports the display by tracking the location and information for. 

It tells the team how much each job costs, and automatically orders new bulbs and other parts before they run out. Decent Group also created a sign in and sign out system for the warehouse.

Detailed data is recorded for each of the Illuminations displays based on testing done in the warehouse, so when the team take them out to be installed they have all the information they need.

The group's manager James Ducker said: "It’s a joy to be part of this world famous spectacle. It’s not simply about guaranteeing the lights come on every day through the four month season.

"We’ve also helped the team stay safe and be certain they can manage the vast amounts of equipment they need to wow all those millions of visitors that come to see the Illuminations each year."

Lightworks' illuminations manager Richard Williams said: "We are delighted with the difference Decent has made to how we work.

"The team has come up with creative solutions to every challenge we give them. As a result we can work more easily, more quickly, more consistently and more safely. We feel very confident now that we have these new systems to call on."

Swindon Advertiser: Blackpool Illuminations. Pictures: Decent GroupBlackpool Illuminations. Pictures: Decent Group (Image: Decent Group)

The business partners with other companies to consult with them, offer advice and create tailor-made software which supports and simplifies important processes.

At any one time, they are helping up to 40 businesses around the country, ranging from small independent firms or major national corporations. It began in 2007 and expects to hit the million-pound threshold for its next annual turnover.

Visit www.decentgroup.co.uk/blackpool