As thousands queue to see the Queen lying in state at Westminster Hall, eBay users have spotted used wristbands on sale for triple figures.

The wristbands given out to mourners are appearing on the online marketplace already, seeing prices reaching £199.99 in some cases.

So far at least five of the bands have been sold with more auctions scheduled to end over the next few days.

One of the bands up for sale includes a bright orange one that has been used today, Saturday, and has already gained bids for over £400, with the auction not set to end until Tuesday.

Details of how the public can attend lying-in-state

Alongside the bright orange additions, there are two dark green bans that were used by the seller and her daughter on Thursday as they waited eight hours to file past the coffin.

The seller gained a big profit, with a top bid of £396 alongside the £3.35 postage from Derby.

The accessible queues yellow bands are also up for sale, with one seller offering two newspapers from Westminster along with the two yellow bands.

Although sales are down to three figures, one seller did put their band up for £22,000 for the first day of queuing but removed the listing.

The bands are being issued out by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to help manage the queue and a large number of people hoping to see the Queen.

To keep organised the department also made different coloured and numbers bands for each day.

As the DCMS website says the band is "a record of when you joined the queue".

Later adding that “having a wristband does not guarantee your entry to the Lying-in-State".

The bands make it possible for mourners to leave the queue so they can grab food, use the toilet and take sort breaks for essentials.

The Queen has been lying in state since Wednesday and tonight will see her eight grandchildren hold a vigil around the coffin.