AMBITIOUS plans to rebuild the Oasis Leisure Centre's iconic dome using new materials have been submitted.

Seven Capital, the building's leaseholders, have drawn up a detailed proposal that suggests restoring and re-glazing the closed facility's roof to make it more energy-efficient while still protecting the Grade II-listed status of the dome and pool.

The application describes how a £5 million refurbishment carried out in 2016 failed to stop leaks, and argues that the existing panels should be replaced with material developed in the 1970s for the American space program which could fix this issue while looking similar to the original dome.

Swindon Advertiser: A drawing of what the new Oasis Leisure Centre dome could look likeA drawing of what the new Oasis Leisure Centre dome could look like (Image: Swindon Borough Council)

The heritage statement from Dr Peter Wardle & Colin Lacey said: "The building is a specialist building so it cannot be re-purposed. What has to be sought are changes to the building which make it more viable by reducing running costs.

"There is massive public benefit from the re-establishment of the Oasis Leisure Centre in a manner that is sustainable in the long term. The proposed replacement glazing gives a good impression of what the original building looked like.

"There is an architectural interest in the Saucer Dome but the lack of Historic Integrity greatly reduces this interest as do the other alterations.

"The roof has not been weather-proof virtually from when it was constructed. The roof has continued to leak leading in turn to deterioration in the concrete structure."

If approved, the work would be carried out by the same experts who oversaw the similarly-spherical Eden Project - often dubbed the eighth wonder of the world.

Layers of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene would be welded together, with air used to shape the cushions and act as a heat insulator.

Swindon Advertiser: Seven Capital want to re-glaze the leisure centre's DomeSeven Capital want to re-glaze the leisure centre's Dome (Image: Seven Capital)

Coun Dale Heenan has urged Swindon Borough Council to approve the plan, calling it the Oasis' last hope.

He said: "The building is not economically viable in its current form and £250k is just the cost of survey work.

"The bill for rebuilding Oasis is going to be massive - well over £25m. [SevenCapital] need a decision in principle on approach, otherwise it could be money down the drain.

"The Oasis is [at the] end of [its] life after 50 years and design problems [have been] known since 1979.

"The council MUST give their approval otherwise there is no hope for the Oasis Leisure Centre. Change must not be stopped.

"The pool is listed, it cannot be altered. Anyone objecting will be in denial of the scale of the challenge. It will stay empty."

View the plans here.