A copy of a Richard Jefferies book has been returned to a library after being borrowed 84 years and two weeks longer than it should've been. 

The copy of Red Deer, by the Swindon author, was taken out on loan at Earlsdon Library, Coventry, in 1938 by the late Capt William Humphries.

The same library was then shocked when his grandson Paddy Riordan, who lives near Saffron Walden, Essex, found it when clearing out his mother's house and returned it all those years later on Tuesday, October 25. 

The library posted about the incredible moment on its social media, saying: "Here's something you don't see every day."

Paddy even paid the late fee on behalf of his Grandfather.

"Paddy Riordan returned the book to us from his grandfather's collection and kindly donated the fine calculated at the then rate of 1d per week, totalling £18.27 in today's money," the library added. 

"It's such a lovely piece of the library's history," said Lucy Winter, community engagement coordinator, speaking to the BBC's Local Democracy Reporting Service

"[Mr Riordan] was so nice and it was so kind of him to donate the fine back to the library."

Also speaking to the BBC, Mr Riordan revealed he thought it would be "fun" for the library to have it back.

Capt Humphries had borrowed the book for his then-six-year-old daughter Anne, Mr Riordan's late mother, who died recently, and evidently, it had never been returned. 

The listed due date was October 11, 1938, but Mr Riordan found it while sorting through things at his mother's house. 

"I don't know quite why he didn't return it but two years later... the Blitz took most of the house out but not the library book."

Mr Riordan said that after being surprised at its return, staff at the library then asked him if he'd read the book and he responded by saying he felt bad because he had not. 

"Maybe I should try and take it out again just so I can read it myself. It really wasn't that exciting a book though, honestly," he added. 

The BBC asked Ms Winter if 84 years was the longest time a book had been overdue in the library's history. Her reply was "I would think so."