The Prime Minister has pledged to work closely with a Swindon MP to help more autistic adults get into work.

South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland told Rishi Sunak that just two out of ten autistic adults are currently in work at Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Mr Buckland resigned from the cabinet following the Prime Minister’s appointment last month.

He had initially supported the former Chancellor in the leadership race in the summer, but changed his support to Liz Truss shortly before she won the vote of Conservative party members.

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Responding, Mr Sunak said: “My Right Honourable and learned Friend rightly champions this area and knows an enormous amount about it.

“I look forward to working with him closely to get his recommendations on how we and industry can improve the lives of those who need our help.”

Mr Buckland, who had served as Welsh secretary under PM Truss, specifically mentioned the issue in his resignation letter last month.

He said in his letter to Mr Sunak: “I will continue to serve my fellow residents in South Swindon as I have done since 2020, and I am also looking forward to working on issues relating to autism and employment with you and would like to lead a review as to how business and private enterprise can help us bridge the employment gap, which for autistic people is just too great.”