A Wiltshire family has celebrated their beloved dog's ninth birthday, eight months after she was given just weeks to live.

Lacock dog owner Debbie Hutchen was given the worst news possible in March when she took border collie Tess to Garden Vets in Chippenham.

Tess was diagnosed with stage four cancer and faced a prognosis of just four to six weeks without treatment. 

However, after six months of chemopherapy Tess entered remission and has since celebrated her ninth birthday.

Mrs Hutchen said: "Tess is such an important part of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

"Being able to celebrate her ninth birthday was very special.

“Every day she’s a little bit more like her old self and it’s lovely to see."

Dr Jessica Barratt, who treated Tess, added: "It’s great to see Tess doing so well.

"She’s a happy, friendly dog who quickly became a favourite patient.

"She put a smile on everyone’s face by performing tricks for us.”

Mrs Hutchen has urged dog owners to seek veterinary advice if they notice changes in their pet. 

She remembered that Tess had been slower and spent more time sleeping before her diagnosis.

She said: "They were very subtle signs... I’m so pleased we had her checked out and that there was still time to treat the cancer.”