Staff at a Swindon pub close to where a stabbing took place helped the victim and contacted the emergency services.

The team at The Shield and Dagger pub on Thames Avenue were fast to act when a wounded man entered the establishment on Friday, November 25.

A stabbing had taken place outside the pub and when the victim needed aid, the staff helped him and rang for police and ambulances to attend.

Vicky Dodds helps out at the pub and was on hand during Friday’s dramatic events.

“The victim came into the pub where we started helping and staff contacted the emergency services,” she revealed.

“The staff then assisted the police with their investigations.”

An initial statement from Wiltshire Police suggested that the incident took place inside the pub, but this was later dispelled by a second statement clarifying the situation.

“It is thought that the incident took place outside the pub,” read the updated release from Wiltshire Police.

This was furthered by more details revealed by Ms Dodds following the incident.

“This did not happen in the Dagger, this happened in the alley opposite the pub,” she said.

Police had cordoned off Thames Avenue for the night to carry out their investigations.