SWINDON Town Football Club, the Football Association, and Wiltshire Police are investigating an incident which took place on Boxing Day during the Robins’ League Two match against Walsall.

A player is said to have received some kind of abuse from a Town fan during Swindon’s 2-1 defeat to the Saddlers at the County Ground.

Following the alleged moment midway through the second half, referee James Oldham stopped play and spoke to Walsall manager Mike Flynn as well as Town head coach Scott Lindsey and the fourth official, Jake Topp between the dugouts.

Post-match, Adver Sport asked Lindsey what the discussion was about. He said: “There was some allegation, I didn’t really get the full story, but some allegation that a player had received some kind of abuse from one of our fans.”

When contacted by Adver Sport, the FA confirmed they are “aware and investigating the matter.”

Town CEO Rob Angus reiterated the club’s zero-tolerance policy towards abuse of any kind and stated any guilty party will not be welcome at games.

Angus said: “We’re aware of the unfortunate issue. We’re working with the police and the FA on it, and we’ll see it all the way through.

“Any kind of abuse is not welcome at the County Ground, and we don’t tolerate any abuse, whether it’s racist abuse, homophobic abuse or anything like that.

“We’ll investigate with the police and the FA, and anyone found guilty will be banned from the County Ground.”

Angus also admitted it was disappointing to see the latest in a line of incidents at Swindon games in recent months and years.

He asked anyone who hears of any abuse at matches to please report it to the club.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had a number of incidents like this happen,” said Angus.

“The message we would send is: “if anyone hears anything like that at a match then please report it and we will act upon it.” If proven guilty, then people will be banned from games, unfortunately.”