The man who got 12-year-old Lily Slater pregnant in EastEnders has been revealed.

The father is set to be named in tonight’s episode of the BBC One soap.

However, eagle-eyed fans of the show will have noticed EastEnders has been appearing on BBC iPlayer on the morning of broadcast in recent weeks meaning the character who has got 12-year-old Lily Slater pregnant has already been revealed.

A warning that the rest of this article contains spoilers for tonight’s episode.

In a two-minute scene during tonight’s episode we find out who the father of 12-year-old Lily Slater’s child is.

In a conversation with her mum Stacey and grandmother Jean Slater Lily confirms the identity of the dad.


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Stacey says: “Come on, if it’s Ricky just tell me. Not Janine’s brother, Ricky Junior, Jack’s son.

“Please darling, at least then I will know that you have not been abused and groomed by some pervert.”

When Lily doesn’t answer, Jean adds: “You know love, we love you very much and I am going to tell you a secret.

“Your mum loves you more than anyone else in the whole world, and as much as you want it to, and we all want it to, this isn’t going to go away.

“You know that, you are not a child, in face I think you are more grown up than me sometimes, so please put your mum’s mind at rest.”

Lily responds: “He’s not my boyfriend. We only did it once.”

Stacey asks if Lily is referring to Ricky Junior, which she confirms and adds: “But he can never find out.”

BBC EastEnders is on BBC One at 7.30pm tonight, and BBC iPlayer.