A car crash on one of the busiest roundabouts in Swindon resulted in a driver going to hospital.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday at the busy roundabout beside the Greenbridge Retail Park, January 12.

Police arrived at around 6am on Thursday morning to the scene which had involved a lorry and a taxi.

The car in question was a black Mercedes C-class and remained at the crash site with police tape covering it throughout the day of the incident.

Along with the tape, the car had a visible dent on the driver's door and a nearby road sign for Dorcan was left bent at an angle, also covered in police tape.

The car remained close to the turning for Dorcan Way, out of the way of the busy traffic.

A Wiltshire Police statement said: “We attended a road traffic collision on Greenbridge roundabout, Swindon around 6am this morning (12/01) involving a car and a lorry.

“One driver attended hospital as a precaution.”

The roundabout and surrounding roads were fully functioning throughout the day, despite the continued presence of the car.