A Swindon resident has jokingly tried to sell a urine-coloured liquid described as the popular Prime Hydration drink.

Tony Stirton, originally from Scotland, listed the item on Swindon’s Facebook Marketplace for £20 as a joke to highlight the craze around Prime.

“I tend to genuinely buy and sell items on Facebook but I found myself getting inundated with people selling Prime,” he said.

“The prices were nonsense and I was bewildered by this.”

Prime is an energy drink that is produced by online sensations and former boxing rivals KSI and Logan Paul, which has taken the nation by storm.

The hype around the drink has seen bottles being sold for extortionate prices, excessive reselling and even teenagers fighting in supermarkets to get a hold of a bottle.

Swindon Advertiser: The bottle was listed at the price of £20 on Facebook Marketplace in the Swindon area.The bottle was listed at the price of £20 on Facebook Marketplace in the Swindon area. (Image: Tony Stirton)

“I did some digging and found out about the teenage lads fighting in Aldi and decided that I was going to take the piss with it,” said Tony.

“The influence of this stuff on kids is worrying, so I wanted to do something to ridicule the hype!”

The 62-year-old concocted a plan that involved crafts, creativity and a presentation of his final product on Facebook Marketplace: a bottle which seemingly looked to contain urine.

“I got a bottle of Lucozade Sports drink, took the label off of it, grabbed a black marker pen and then wrote Prime in big letters on it,” said Tony.

“Although it appeared like a certain bodily substance it was not actually urine but rather just a different energy drink to Prime.”

The clear bottle contains a yellow liquid which could be easily confused for a urine sample and features the Prime logo written in black indelible marker.

Swindon Advertiser: Tony has had a positive reaction towards his joke from Swindon residents.Tony has had a positive reaction towards his joke from Swindon residents. (Image: Tony Stirton)

This impersonation of the official text font proved to be too much for some would-be buyers, who enquired about purchasing the bottle.

“Some people approached me for it and they obviously didn’t get the joke,” laughed Tony.

Other reactions to Tony’s practical joke have been positive on the whole with the majority of Facebook buyers and Swindon residents seeing the funny side.

“I’m partial to a joke now and then; I like the ridiculous stuff,” he said.

“People have messaged me laughing, so if someone gets a laugh or a grin out of it, then that is brilliant.”

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