The speed limit on a major central Swindon dual carriageway could be dropped to 30mph if councillors agree to a new motion which calls the change “a matter of urgency”.

The motion to be put to the full council at its meeting on Thursday is by Conservative members Jenny Jefferies and Bazil Solomon.

It says: “Queens Drive was designed as a dual carriageway but over the past few years we have seen the installation of a significant section as a bus lane from New College to the Drakes Way roundabout and a new pedestrian crossing between Park South and Lawn.

“Children travelling from their homes to local primary and secondary schools as well as New College and St Joseph’s secondary school cross the road daily.

“In the 2016-2020 accident statistics report for Swindon, Queens Drive as the second highest for collisions with a further note that children from more deprived areas were more likely to be casualties.

“Road Safety statistics show that If you hit a pedestrian at 40 mph there is a 90 per cent chance they will be killed, at 35 mph there is a 50 per cent chance they will be killed, at 30 mph there is a 20 per cent chance they will be killed and at 20 mph there is a 2.5 per cent chance they will be killed.”

It adds: “Positive action that has been taken by the Cabinet member for Highways over the last 12 months so that 20mph zones and School Safety Zones can be implemented within the town where there is clear public support.”

And it says Coun Jeffries and Solomon along with other Conservative councillors Curtis Flux, Jenny Lawrence Elliot, Anabelle Pegado and Lourenco Fernandes wrote to local headteachers in 2022 asking for their views on reducing the speed limit to 30mph to reduce the danger to their students and families receiving “supportive responses”.

The motion concludes by requesting the cabinet member for highways sets up: “a corridor study to seek to reduce the speed limit on Queens Drive from 40mph to 30mph as a matter of urgency.”

Other motions to be debated on Thursday are a call to get the council to support Plastic-free September aiming to cut the use of plastics, and another calling for more defibrillators in the borough.

The meeting begins at 7pm on Thursday at the civic offices in Euclid Street and the public may attend.