THOUSANDS of tree-huggers will cuddle a wind turbine instead, as they try for an energy-saving world record attempt.

The record-breaking feat, which could see up to 3,000 flock to the Westmill Wind Farm near Watchfield, will be the finale of a week of green-themed events in and around Faringdon.

On the longest day of the year visitors to the wind farm open day will join hands at 2pm and attempt to set a new world record for wind-turbine hugging.

When Ecoweek starts on Saturday Faringdon will see a whole host of events aimed at encouraging people to consume less energy.

Sjoerd Vogt, who came up with the idea for Ecoweek, said: "We all need a bit of help and encouragement when it comes to living greener lifestyles and reducing our ecological footprints.

"Ecoweek is about community - learning from neighbours and friends and finding out how we can all make a difference.

"If we can have some low carbon fun along the way, then so much the better."

The week will come to a climax with Ecowind at the site of the turbines on June 21.

People will be able to have a look around the five 50m tall, 1.3 MW wind turbines at the community-owned wind farm.

The propellers generate enough power for 2,700 homes in a year, which power firm Good Energy buys from the co-operative of locals that own it.

Good Energy's chief executive Juliet Davenport said: "Today, the world is at a crossroads. We have high fuel prices, high food prices and our rising carbon emissions might end up costing us the earth.

"At Ecowind we have a host of exhibitors and family friendly activities that are all about low-carbon living, that can help us break free from a high carbon economy and get us focused on leading richer, greener lives."

Adam Twine, who set up the Westmill Wind Farm, said: "At Ecowind we are expecting over 2,000 visitors and we want them to help us set the record for the world's biggest turbine hug.

"Westmill is a beacon of hope for positive change and people power - come and see and listen to a wind farm close up."

The week's environmental fun will begin with an Ecofair on Saturday.

Youngsters will have the chance to build something fun or useful out of their dustbins in the junk modelling competition.

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