Another Conservative councillor has resigned from the ruling group on Swindon Borough Council.

Coun Dave Martyn, who has been one of three Conservative members for Wroughton and Wichelstowe, has left the group in the last few days.

Although the Local Democracy Reporter has not been able to contact Coun Martyn for comment, his resignation is confirmed by the papers put on the council’s website for a brief meeting of a special committee before cabinet.

The committee will be asked to approve his replacement by Coun Jake Chandler as the chairman of the resources and corporate overview and scrutiny committee as a result of Coun Martyn’s resignation.

It is understood that Coun Martyn will continue to sit as an independent Conservative member. He has another three years to run of his four-year term.

His decision comes after the resignation of Coun Cathy Martyn, his wife, and also a Wroughton and Wichelstowe councillor not only from the ruling cabinet and the Conservative group, but as a councillor altogether in January.

Both resignations mean the Conservative majority in the council chamber has been cut from 11 to eight – although how prepared Coun Martyn is to vote with the Labour opposition against the Conservative administration remains to be seen.