Fans of BBC EastEnders panicked this morning after they thought that soap legend Pam St Clement died.

St Clement played the iconic Pat Butcher during her time on the show, but when the character’s name began to trend on Twitter, many thought the actress had passed away.

As one user wrote: “Saw Pat Butcher trending and my heart immediately dropped.”

However, fans were quick to spot that the actress had not in fact passed away, but instead, an online challenge had been made.

As viral Twitter account No Context Brits asked followers to “Replace a word in a song title with Pat Butcher.”

The post has so far gained over 1.9 million views and 4,000 comments and 2,000 likes.

Many fans were quick to give a response, with some suggestions, “Total Pat Butcher of the Heart”, “I won’t Let Pat Butcher Go Down On Me” and “"I Will Always Love Pat Butcher.”

St Clement starred as Pat Butcher on EastEnders from 1986 before leaving the show in 2012, seeing her become one of the longest-running cast members.

In recent years the actress has stepped back from the limelight with her last notable public appearance back in 2020 when she gave a heartfelt interview on co-star and close friend Dame Barbara Windsor.