Swindon’s newest Chinese restaurant Hakka2 is now offering a brand new Malaysian menu, so the Adver booked a table to find out whether the food passed both the spice and taste tests.

Having visited the restaurant for their celebration of the Lunar New Year in January, I was excited to return when I was informed that a new Malaysian menu was available.

As stated previously, I don’t like seafood but other than that, I will always be willing to try new dishes as readers will remember me trying my first curry at the age of 23 years old.

Swindon Advertiser: Hakka2 officially opened in Swindon in January.Hakka2 officially opened in Swindon in January. (Image: Newsquest)

Well no one will be shocked to hear that prior to my Swindon outing, I had never tried Malaysian food but upon tasting it at Hakka2, it will not be long before I eat it again.

The restaurant is located next to The Savoy Wetherspoons and on the former site of The Regent Court Chinese Takeaway at 40-42 Regent Street.

I arrived there in the late afternoon and found I had most of the room to myself as I ordered a glass of Asahi to kick things off.

Manager Jennifer recommended I try the grilled chicken satay with peanut sauce as a starter and being thoroughly uninformed on Malaysian dishes, I obliged.

Swindon Advertiser: Edward had the grilled chicken satay as a starter.Edward had the grilled chicken satay as a starter. (Image: Newsquest)

The chicken was crispy and its savoury taste was complimented by the honey sauce that had been lightly drizzled over each skewer.

It was accompanied by chunks of cucumber and pineapple which rounded off a brilliant starter that left me only wanting more.

The main meal I opted for was the Mee Goreng which featured mamak style noodles accompanied with chicken, king prawns and chillis.

I of course dodged the addition of the prawns but what I was left with was an excellent dish that could be described as a very spicy chow mein style dish.

Swindon Advertiser: Edward had most of the restaurant to himself when visiting.Edward had most of the restaurant to himself when visiting. (Image: Newsquest)

Between mouthfuls I felt myself reaching for the trusty glass of Asahi to cool the fires that were starting in my mouth but the spice really added character to the food.

Jennifer found this entertaining after she had warned me that I may find the dish “quite spicy” but I soldiered through, determined to conquer the fiery main.

Having left a clean plate, I was left feeling very happy, grinning from ear to ear but then I was informed that a dessert was on its way out as well.

Although one would expect some form of Malaysian pudding, I was actually given a slice of New York cheesecake which was partnered with blueberries and a singular lychee.

Swindon Advertiser: Edward had the Mee Goreng featuring chicken and noodles for the main course.Edward had the Mee Goreng featuring chicken and noodles for the main course. (Image: Newsquest)

This was delicately presented in front of me by Jennifer who told me it was not only her favourite, but that it was the best cheesecake that you can get outside of New York City itself.

She wasn’t wrong as it was light and full of flavour, rounding off the perfect finish to a meal that classily packed a punch.

My outing to Hakka2 was one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences I have had since moving to Wiltshire in November and I genuinely cannot recommend it enough.

Swindon Advertiser: The cheesecake for dessert was the final piece of a very tasty jigsaw.The cheesecake for dessert was the final piece of a very tasty jigsaw. (Image: Newsquest)

There is always something going on there whether it be events or new menus meaning one can never get tired of visiting Swindon’s newest Chinese restaurant.

Next up on the schedule for Hakka2 is their Mother’s Day set menu for Sunday, March 19, which will feature several dishes such as bangbang chicken, signature duck salad, and Hakka pork belly.