Police are calling on a troubled pub in Swindon to have its licence removed after allegedly being a base for a gang's drugs operations.

Town councillors will review the premises licence for the Crumpled Horn pub in Eldene and hear evidence from officers that it is being used as a criminal base of operations.

Issues with the pub came to a head last week when the force shut down the business temporarily after a machete attack outside its front door.

The evidence that will be given by PC Rebecca Berni to the council committee says the force believes the use of the pub by criminals is a threat to the safety of the neighbouring area, which is highly residential and includes a primary and nursery school.

It says police have had concerns about gangs, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour at the Crumpled Horn in the past and they met with the licence holder Jane Jeapes before the pub re-opened in November last year, offering support if she had worries about criminals frequenting the pub.

It said: “None of this has been taken up nor officers contacted.

“The pub since it reopened has been identified as being used by Organised Crime Groups to deal illegal drugs, with officers witnessing gang members coming and going from the pub, using illegal e-scooters and electric bikes.”

PC Berni said nearby residents often stopped patrolling officers concerned about the risk to children and those with limited mobility of a collision with such vehicles.

The evidence put before the magistrates and the licensing panel says the police have intelligence that Ms Jeapes has seen drug deals taking place in the pub.

The most serious evidence concerned an attempted machete attack just a week ago, which prompted the police to request the closure of the pub.

It says: ”Members from a well-known dangerous drug network were targeted with the pub. Several persons  have attended armed with large machetes in an attempt to attack rival gang members.”

Ms Jeapes is commended in the submission for preventing the entry of the would-be assailants, but PC Berni adds: “Persons who intended serious potentially life-threatening hard to others have been able to attend.

"They do not care about collateral damage and the actions of all involved placed innocent people at risk of harm.

“If the gang members were not allowed the use of the premises this would not have occurred in a densely populates community hub in the first place.”

The evidence concludes: “The Crumpled Horn has been allowed by the persons who run it to become a hub of criminal activity. It poses a serious risk to members of the community.”

The closure order was approved by magistrates.

The licensing panel will meet at 2pm on Friday, March 24 at the civic offices in Euclid Street.