The resident birds at the Town Gardens are getting a home makeover

South Swindon Parish Council, which oversees the running of the Old Town beauty spot, has confirmed that the aviary will undergo refurbishment starting in the next two weeks. 

In a post on its Facebook page, the local authority said: "The roof will be replaced and the interior redecorated. This is the first major refurbishment work on the aviary since the new structure was installed in the 1990s."

The present aviary was built in 1994 as part of the Town Gardens Centenary Celebrations, replacing an earlier timber/metal aviary that had stood near this site since 1928.

The birds have always been a very popular attraction for children, and this area was known as ‘Children’s Corner’ when the gardens first opened.

The parish council confirmed that the aviary's feathered inhabitants have been safely relocated while their home is spruced up.

"This afternoon [Wednesday] the birds were moved to a temporary location where they'll be housed for the duration of the works," it said. 

The work has been welcomed by members of the public who are pleased to see the good work the parish council has done maintaining the area since it took over responsibilities from Swindon Borough Council continue.