UK holidaymakers who are travelling to Mallorca this summer have been warned to be aware of their actions as local authorities crackdown on bad behaviour.

It’s hoped the new measurements will “improve the safety of tourists and residents” as they tackle antisocial behaviour, a Mallorcan newspaper has said.

The local police in the city of Palma will begin their new seasonal security measures from Monday next week (May 1) lasting until October 15.

Police in Mallorca warn UK holidaymakers about the crackdown on tourist behaviour

The council has highlighted some of the main problems being illegal massages, street vending, street drinking and pub crawls and noise pollution, the Mallorca Daily Bulletin has reported.

If the rules are broken, the penalties range from €100 for minor violations and up to €3,000 for the most serious cases.

Over the last few years, British tourists in Mallorca have been limited to the amount of alcoholic drinks they can consume when enjoying their summer getaway.

Swindon Advertiser: Local businesses in Mallorca could also be fined for selling too much alcoholLocal businesses in Mallorca could also be fined for selling too much alcohol (Image: Canva)

The Foreign Office website says: "In designated areas of the resorts, there are prohibitions on happy hours, open bars (such as all you can drink in 1-hour offers), the sale of alcohol from vending machines, self-service alcohol dispensers and the organising of pub-crawls and party boat trips.

"The law also prohibits “off-licence” sales between 9:30pm and 8am."

Alongside this, it’s not just UK tourists who are affected by the summer rules.

A campaign has been launched to “combat excessive tourism”, aimed at reminding shopkeepers that they could also be penalised if they sell too much alcohol.

Those with businesses in certain areas of Mallorca could face a fine of up to €600,000 if they break the rules.

More information can be found on the Foreign Office website.