Children in Corsham are being put in danger by faded road markings, a councillor has said.

Cllr Ruth Hopkinson has said the faded yellow lines on Station Road - which children cross to get to Crosham Primary School - mean people are parking on the lines and making the crossing dangerous.

She added that faded markings in general were contributing to the “appalling parking” in the town.

Cllr Hopkinson said: “The white lines are not great, but the worst ones are the double yellow lines. One of the problems we've got is that there is appalling parking everywhere.

Swindon Advertiser: Cllr Ruth HopkinsonCllr Ruth Hopkinson (Image: Cllr Ruth Hopkinson)

“The double yellow lines in half the places aren't actually visible so either people don't know they're there or alternatively they know that if they do park there and they're caught, which is unlikely, they have a get out of jail card because the lines aren't visible.

She added: “The yellow lines en route to the school are abysmal.

“Station Road is a main crossing route to Corsham Primary School and there's been build outs done in the pavements and bollards put in to make it a safe crossing for school kids.

“Part of that scheme was to put in zigzag yellow lines to make it absolutely plain that under no circumstances are you to park on there.

“They're not there and people are parking on them, which actually means that when the kids are crossing Station Road they are taking their lives in their hands because people are parking there.

“It obscures the crossing point so children are walking out from between parked cars.”

In response, cabinet member for transport Caroline Thomas said: “Our Business Plan sets out our commitment to improving road safety and painting markings on high-speed rural A and B roads to keep people safer on our highways network is a current priority for the council.

“In July, the council's cabinet agreed to invest an extra £200,000 each year for the next three years into white line painting.

“This funding is being used to boost the £270,000 the council already spends on white line painting each year, with a focus over the three years on renewing give way lines, roundabout markings and stop lines in urban areas and on inter-urban roads.

“Single and double yellow lines are used to enforce parking regulations and are repainted when required. We will inspect the lines in Corsham to see if they are still compliant or if they need repainting.”