If you love hopping on a plane and exploring new destinations but hate leaving your beloved dog behind, then look no further.

As there are plenty of options for you to take your furry best friend along with you for your next adventure.

Whether you fancy a relaxing holiday in the sun or an outdoor adventure break in some of the most breathtaking scenery on offer, the options are vast.

So, before you start planning your next getaway, take a quick look at the five most dog-friendly countries that you can take your pup to.

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The 5 most dog-friendly countries to visit


Just across the Channel, France is a great place to take man's best friend with a choice of travel including train, plane or boat. Whether a walk around the French countryside or a visit to one of the nation's historical cities, France has a relaxed pet policy making it the perfect dog holiday destination.


A flight to North America will land you in Canada, a country known for offering friendly hospitality to all. From the dense forests, vast lakes and mountains to the urban cityscape, Canada is a dog's paradise. Vancouver offers eight dog-friendly beaches and even some pet-friendly ski resorts dotted across the country too.


If you prefer to avoid planes when travelling with your dog, then Switzerland is a great choice, with the option to drive or take a couple of trains. Switzerland is renowned for its dog friendliness, with restaurants welcoming all and even offering bowls of water on arrival.

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Another European destination, Poland is a great place to explore alongside your pup. Many cities allow dogs into attractions including Krakow’s Galica Jewish Museum and the Kino Pod Baranami movie theatre.


Japan may not seem like a place to visit with your pet, but you might be surprised by how much the nation welcomes a friendly dog. With large cities offering pet-friendly hotels, large parks, pet-friendly malls beaches and more.

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