An elderly Swindon couple were left stranded at an airport for two hours after they claim the taxi they booked arrived at the wrong time.

David Wilson and his wife Ann, from Haydon Wick, had spent two weeks in Fuerteventura and arrived back in Bristol Airport on Wednesday, May 24.

Prior to the holiday, the 84-year-old had visited the office of Cross Street Cars at Swindon train station to book a taxi ride for himself and Ann.

Despite the booking, the couple say they were left to fend for themselves to get home.

Swindon Advertiser: David and his wife Ann were furious about their travel problems.David and his wife Ann were furious about their travel problems. (Image: David Wilson)

But Cross Street Cars say they have apologised “for any inconvenience”, and issued a full refund, after being contacted by the Adver.

Speaking to this newspaper about the ordeal, David said: “We had a lovely holiday and the weather was brilliant but when we arrived back at the airport at 3.30pm, there was no taxi.

“We had been on a flight for three hours and 50 minutes and were tired.”

David had no issues with the outbound taxi – two weeks earlier at 3.30am - which cost £85, which was booked at the same time as the return taxi for May 24 for £95.

“When I was booking the taxis, a young teenager [was] on the desk and asked what terminal I was going to but I didn’t think she sounded like she was clued up as there is only one terminal,” he said.

Swindon Advertiser: The return flight landed at Bristol Airport on Wednesday afternoon.The return flight landed at Bristol Airport on Wednesday afternoon. (Image: PA)

“She asked about return time and I said that I didn’t know what time the plane would arrive but I could give the flight number.”

When no taxi showed at Bristol Airport on Wednesday, David and his 74-year-old wife called the taxi rank.

“I phoned them and a man said they were there at 11.30am that morning and that the company had fulfilled their commitment as the taxi driver had been paid.

“If we wanted another taxi to come out there, we would have to pay another £95 but why should I have to pay again as the mistake was theirs!”

In 2022, David had an ankle operation and he now finds it hard to walk long distances such as those in airport terminals, so needs a wheelchair.

Due to their ages and David’s walking disability, the couple resorted to using the airport bus to the station before travelling back via train.

Swindon Advertiser: David was given a full refund following the unfortunate incident.David was given a full refund following the unfortunate incident. (Image: David Wilson)

“There was a huge queue and we had to then pay for the train to Swindon as well and get a relative to pick us up from the station.

“This cost £33 and we did not get home until 8.30pm and we had been up since 5am and hadn’t eaten all day so we were both fuming.

“I will never order a taxi for the airport again.”

The pensioner was contacted by Cross Street Cars after the Adver had reached out to the taxi company.

“One of the bosses from the taxi company rang me and was full of apologies,” said David.

“She said that if she had been aware of the issue she would have sent a taxi straight across for us.

“I was offered a full refund on the fare which I have accepted and I have now received.”

Swindon Advertiser: The couple had flown back from Fuerteventura with easyJet.The couple had flown back from Fuerteventura with easyJet. (Image: Getty)

David says the company told them they had taken down the wrong flight number.

“I do not understand how it happened as I had the paperwork with the correct number when I booked the taxi,” he said.

“They said they had contacted me 16 times but of course I was on the plane at that point.”

Cross Street Cars operations manager Sonia Nijjar said: “This matter has been resolved in house directly with the customer.

“We have apologised for any inconvenience that this miscommunication may have caused and full refund has been issued which the customer has accepted.

“We are a locally run business and customer service is paramount to us.”