A six-year-old has become a literary sensation after a bookstore agreed to publish his debut book 'The Park'. 

David Pidgeon and his mother Lucy, 32, from West Swindon, visited Bert's Books in Old Town to pick up a copy of the children's book Bookshop Mayhem by the similarly named Dave Pigeon. 

And bookshop mayhem is exactly what ensued as the young boy was so inspired by the fact that 'his name' was on a book that he decided to collect some of his drawings in a book of his own.

This sparked a series of events that would lead to him incredibly becoming a published author. 

Proud of her son's initiative, Lucy sent Bert's Book a lighthearted message about it, telling the Old Town store that he wanted them to sell it. 

Alex Call replied that he was accepting pre-orders - as a joke - but soon many people were calling for the store to offer the book for sale for real, including famous radio DJ Sara Cox.

Swindon Advertiser: David Pidgeon (middle), with mother Lucy and Bert's Books owner Alex Call and a copy of his book 'The Park'David Pidgeon (middle), with mother Lucy and Bert's Books owner Alex Call and a copy of his book 'The Park' (Image: Newsquest)

Eventually a fellow bookstore - London-based Big Green Bookshop - bet Bert's Books six sausage rolls that they if put 50 pre-orders up for sale on their website, they'd sell out. 

Not one to turn down a challenge, or the promise of baked goods, David's self-made book was soon up for sale on the store's website for £5. 

"He was over the moon to have his book published and it's encouraged his love of reading and writing even more," his mum said.

The proceeds from David's books were also donated to The National Literacy Trust

"We chose The National Literacy Trust because David wanted the proceeds to go to a charity that helps children learn to read.

"We've been overwhelmed with the support we have seen for his book, what started off as a jokey tweet has really taken off."

You can still get David Pidgeon's debut book 'The Park' signed by the author himself on the Bert's Book website.