Several towns across Wiltshire are gridlocked with traffic this evening due to crashes and rush hour queues.

There is a severe back-up of traffic around Melksham after a crash on the A350, affecting traffic from Melksham Lions Club all the way to the Travelodge.

The Farmers Roundabout is suffering in the rush hour madness with severe delays expected to drivers.

Similarly Calne is currently having traffic issues as main roads including Quemerford, Oxford Road, and the A3102 are all moving extremely slowly.

The A361 in Devizes is the busiest road in the town currently with commuters facing especially long waits at the Commercial Road roundabout.

Traffic on Devizes’ London Road is also moving very slowly with queues only expected to worsen as more motorists leave work for home.

Chippenham’s traffic is not quite as bad as the other towns tonight but it still has its problem areas as back-ups are appearing across Wiltshire.

The A4 is at a standstill in places while Bath Road is experiencing long queues as the evening approaches.

The roundabout off Pewsham Way is experiencing some longer delays too in comparison to other areas of the town.