An air force veteran based in Swindon has released a new children’s book about one of the world's most famous planes.

Robert Whittingham of Abbeymeads joined the air force as an air steward in 1969 and retired as a senior mess manager in 1992.

During his time flying, he worked with the Vickers VC10, known as ‘The Queen of the Skies’, at RAF Brize Norton and was left with great memories.

He's now decided to write his memories in the form of a children's book, called 'Vicky Ten'.

Swindon Advertiser: Robert has now released two books as an author.Robert has now released two books as an author. (Image: Dave Cox)

“I decided to do the second book so that I could keep the memory of the plane alive for children around the world,” he said.

“I flew two tours on this aircraft at Brize Norton on the VC10 and it is a really beautiful aircraft which was a pleasure to work on.

“It is very important for the next generation to know about the history of aviation especially since there are only a few of this aircraft remaining in museums around the country.”

The 72-year-old’s new book is the second in his writing career after previously releasing his memoirs, ‘Ascot Airways’.

“I was happy to get the first book published but I was even more delighted when it reached number four on Amazon’s top aviation books,” said Robert.

“I am very elated to have two books to my name as I didn’t expect I could do it.

“If I can do it then I would say anyone can so people should follow their writing dreams.”

Swindon Advertiser: Robert joined the air force in 1969 and spent 23 years serving until his retirement in 1992.Robert joined the air force in 1969 and spent 23 years serving until his retirement in 1992. (Image: Robert Whittingham)

Although now retired, Robert still looks back fondly on his time flying around the globe.

“I loved being in the air force and would definitely do it all over again if I was young once more as I have no regrets,” he said.

“If any young person dreams of flying then I advise them to join the air force or be part of a commercial cabin crew as you can see the world and get paid for it.”

The writer also lived in Canada for 20 years and still visits North America now to get his flying fix.

“I still fly back to Canada these days so I’m often on planes and it still brings back memories of when I was in the military,” said Robert.

“I would rather be up working and helping the passengers instead of being one.”

You can purchase Robert’s book on Amazon for £6.99 here.