A picturesque waterside pub has seen a drop in customers after a car smashed into a nearby tourist attraction.

The Riverside pub in Lechlade-on-Thames is a popular watering hole with both locals and tourists due to its large beer garden and stunning natural views.

It is located close to the historic Halfpenny Bridge which, as a Grade II listed building, also brings in its fair share of visitors.

Yet disaster struck when a car smashed into the bridge in the early hours of Tuesday, June 20, causing major structural damage as large chunks of the landmark fell into the river below.

Swindon Advertiser: The Halfpenny Bridge was left smashed following a car collision.The Halfpenny Bridge was left smashed following a car collision. (Image: Keith Dickinson)

With the road being closed in the aftermath and the bridge partially destroyed, the pub’s landlord Gareth Chapman has suggested that trade has suffered badly.

“Last week the trade ceased because of the car accident on the bridge which happened on the Wednesday morning,” he said.

“Access has been blocked off at both ends of the bridge and this has led to less customers as we went down from 400 customers to 30.”

“We have been told that there is structural damage to the bridge but it’s now going to be a long term closure and are suggesting September.”

Swindon Advertiser: The building has been home to a warehouse and a café before becoming a pub in 1982.The building has been home to a warehouse and a café before becoming a pub in 1982. (Image: Gareth Chapman)

The 41-year-old from Gloucester has been the landlord for two and a half years so is aware of the importance of summer custom.

“I took hold after the last lockdown and with each year we have got busier and busier,” said Gareth.

“We have locals who come in all the time and we also have regulars who stay at the hotel so we have built up a really good trade in the last couple of years.

“We have so many tourists, especially German, American and Japanese who would come in because of the bridge.

“The summer trade that keeps us going throughout the year so it is a massive worry for us now as two thirds of our customer base are brought in because of the bridge.”

Swindon Advertiser: The pub is spacious inside with a homely feel.The pub is spacious inside with a homely feel. (Image: Gareth Chapman)

The Riverside, located on Park End Wharf, was implemented as a pub in 1982 with the building having previously been a café as well as a warehouse.

“The building is 250 years old and used to be a warehouse where boats were built to go up and down the Thames,” said Gareth.

“We get lots of wild swimmers, canoes and paddleboards so it is a massively busy spot for tourism to grow.”