A new documentary about Swindon will begin filming in the town this summer, with volunteers needed.

Josh Hooker of Rodbourne is set to direct the short film as part of his Film and Television MA at Falmouth University.

A born and bred Swindonian, he has chosen to focus his documentary in and around his beloved hometown.

“Swindon is a weird home town to have because I view it very fondly but lots of other people give you weird looks or they apologise ironically,” Josh said.

Swindon Advertiser: Josh Hooker will be directing the documentary in Swindon.Josh Hooker will be directing the documentary in Swindon. (Image: Josh Hooker)

“The town has a lot of issues but I love it like a sibling because I love it regardless of the problems.

“It is an exploration of why people live in specific places and what these places mean to people using Swindon as a vessel for that.

“I am returning soon after university but I know I have to leave one day as I am working to become a camera assistant.”

The 22-year-old is convinced that Swindon is the perfect place to film such a project due to its diverse buildings.

“It can be summed up very beautifully through its varying architecture as they do not tend to knock down places in town,” said Josh.

“The town centre’s brutalist style provides a great contrast to the more historic Old Town.

“This again is different to the buildings at Abbey Meads so the town brings a lot to the table architecturally.”

Swindon Advertiser: Josh believes that the town is the perfect place for his project.Josh believes that the town is the perfect place for his project. (Image: Josh Hooker)

It is not just the buildings that interest Josh though with the young filmmaker also focusing on the town’s beating heart: its people.

“I would love to feature local people on why they live in the town and why they stay here,” he said.

“Depending on who comes forward there are plenty of local businesses to chat to despite the decline of the high street.

“I would love to return to Swindon in the long run as all of my family are still here.”

The work has to be at least 20 minutes long but it could be extended as a way for Josh to acquire funding and carry on local projects afterwards.

Filming will take place in the summer after Friday, July 14, and if you are interested in taking part you can contact joshhooker@outlook.com.