If you've ever dreamed about heading to Australia to explore and work, then now is your chance. 

As the nation has officially raised the age limit for working holiday visas from 30 to 35 years old. 

The change will mean 16 million British citizens will be eligible to apply for the working visa. 

Australia made the change to the working holiday visa as part of the free trade agreement between the UK and Australia.

The change will also make it easier for Australians to work and travel in the UK.

Brits invited to Australia as age limit raised on visas

The deal follows an agreement made between New Zealand and the UK which also sees working holiday visas rise to 35 years old. 

Swindon Advertiser: You could head to Australia with their new age on visas. You could head to Australia with their new age on visas. (Image: Canva)

Working holiday visas allow for Brits working and living in Australia to stay for up to three years. 

Currently, there are restrictions on the type of work Brits can do, however, they will be lifted by 2024.

Previously, Brits in Australia had to complete 88 days of agricultural work if they wanted to stay in the country.

But now this rule has been eased meaning visitors will be able to work across industries. 

Plus the three-year allowance on the visa does not have to be consecutive and can be used until the age of 35 

UK regional general manager for Tourism Australia Sally Cope said that in recent years there has been a lot of interest from foreign travellers. 

Sharing: "It's an exciting time and these big sporting events, like the FIFA woman's football world cup and Olympics in Brisbane in 2032, offer the temporary contract type work that young visitors want."

Tourism Australia also shared that there are around 35,000 arrivals from the UK on working holiday visas each year and many stay on.

Australia's minimum wage is currently around  $21.38 (£11.22) whilst the UK's is £10.42 for those aged over 23.