UK holidaymakers driving in Europe are facing higher fuel bills in most destinations compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new analysis by Post Office Travel Money.

The research included 17 countries, with Switzerland having the largest increase in prices.

Petrol prices there have risen by an average of 38p per litre, while diesel prices have increased by 42p per litre since 2019.

Other countries experiencing significant price rises include Luxembourg, Austria, and Sweden.

Swindon Advertiser: Switzerland had seen the largest increase in price since the Covid pandemicSwitzerland had seen the largest increase in price since the Covid pandemic (Image: PA)

Fuel prices in Europe still high despite overall drop

Although fuel costs across Europe have fallen from record levels seen in the past year, prices have still risen in 15 out of the 17 countries analysed.

France, Italy, and Spain were identified as the most common destinations for UK holidaymakers driving in Europe.

Out of those three Spain is the cheapest destination for UK holidaymakers driving in Europe, with petrol averaging £1.40 and diesel costing £1.25 per litre.

In comparison, UK prices are slightly higher, at £1.44 for petrol and £1.46 for diesel.

Over the past four years, UK fuel prices have risen by 16p for petrol and 13p for diesel.

This makes the UK the sixth cheapest country in the report for petrol, but the seventh most expensive for diesel.

Overall, Andorra was found to have the cheapest fuel prices, with petrol priced at £1.23 and diesel at £1.10 per litre.

Laura Plunkett, head of travel money at Post Office, said: “Our pump price research found that the cost of filling up in Europe can vary by as much as £100 so we advise planning driving routes carefully before setting out to keep costs down.

“Save money by diverting from the motorway and trunk roads into local towns.

“Supermarket prices will be cheaper than on the roadside, just as they are here in the UK.

“Remember to carry some foreign currency as not all petrol stations in rural locations accept plastic.”